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Travel Journal: African Honeytreat!

To say life has changed in these last few weeks would be a total understatement. I sometimes can’t believe I’m married. Marriage amazes me. It amazes me how two people unrelated by blood or biological ties can become more one than in any other relationship we will ever be in. Maybe that’s why I love shooting weddings so much. I love seeing people getting married!

Having been through my own wedding, I also now realise more fully the gravity of what I do as a wedding photographer. I’ve always known it of course, but it sinks in deeper after your own wedding. Both Rob and I were in a bit of a daze in the follow-up and during our wedding. There was so much going on, so many people that we love around us, so many details that we couldn’t possibly keep up with… that I am SO glad that we had two incredible photographers (George Seemon and Sharan Ranjit) beautifully backing up our memories of those days. It’s been great to see our friends’ and families’ perspectives too through their countless camera and phone pictures!

Rob and I are super grateful that we were able to get away for about 10 days after the wedding to get a break from the “to-dos” and getting into the logistics of being married! We call it our “Honeytreat”. Honeymoon + Retreat :)

We were treated to a holiday in the amazing Namib desert in Namibia, and Cape Town and Stellenbosch in South Africa. Both countries were incredible. I’ve been to South Africa before as a child and once as a teenager when we lived in Zambia but Namibia was new to both of us and we loved every bit of it. The desert on the outset seems like miles and miles of emptiness and silence but once you get closer, and have an expert explain it to you, you realise just how much life there actually is. How beautifully everything is designed and created to compliment one another.

For me, raw, unadulterated nature like this is like tonic for my soul. Being in these places even for a short while fills me up with endurance and patience to live in a city. And Rob was so fascinated and excited at it all too which I am sure he is going to write about on his blog when he gets a chance.

We are grateful and “rejoicing at the wonders that he has shown us.”

And at the wonders that he is showing us.


Cape Town and Stellenbosch:

So great having dinner with Rod and Diana, two wonderful friends of ours who were also on holiday in South Africa while we were there!

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