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  • Tina Nandi

This Week.

Ummm, it’s really all about last week… Many many awesome things have happened and life is slowly getting busy which I am loving!I am currently drowning in piles of editing to finish off before my next travels coming up this weekend. Eeks.

Yesterday I decided I needed a change of scene from my ‘office’ so I went over to my sister-in-law’s place to work but to be honest, the cute face of my nephew was kind of distracting and I didn’t get a whole lot done! It was also SO ridiculously HOT yesterday, all I wanted to do was sleep!

So yeah, Tuesday is the new Monday this week and I am going to work my butt off today and finish ALL my editing. Ha! (Not really, but optimism is good, right?)

I am currently reading this book called ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls and hoping that I might actually finish this book. My non-reading phase has lasted waaaaay too long this time :/ I got the book at a super awesome sale in Bandra where I bumped into my friend Cara and got introduced to her cool friends. As far as I know the sale is still going on on Saturdays and Sundays in front of Al’s Tattoo parlour on Hill Road so if you live in Bombay, make sure you check it out!

I miss Bombay. I guess it’s no news on here that I am crazy about Bombay but I’ll say it again, I LOVE BOMBAY. It was kind of painful having to come back in a rush but thankfully I had some awesome stuff lined up for me here when as soon as I got back!

Last Wednesday, I spent the night at a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore! Through a pretty cool series of events, I got to assist an awesome wedding photographer Claude Loren at a grand wedding for two days. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, the whole time that I was there, I couldn’t believe it was happening. The stuffs of my dreams. Claude and Neil (the other shooter) were so fun to work with and I learnt a LOT from them both. It was like a crash course in shooting with a Canon 7D, lighting, flash photography and wedding photography all in one and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers!

My first big wedding shoot this year and since I’ve gone all out on this crazy path of photography that I love. First big wedding of many… I hope!

Looking forward to sharing the pictures!

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