• Tina Nandi

This day.

Hard to believe that this was one year ago! What an awesome day it was. I mean, it’s pretty special when a whole bunch of your most favourite people in the world get together in one place. Suddenly all is perfect with the world and I am so glad that we have these photographs to reminisce (insert plug for George Seemon and Sharan Ranjit and candid wedding photography in general ;))

As for one year of marriage… well, it kind of feels like nothing and so much all at the same time. I mean how do I sum up what it’s been like being married to my favourite guy in the whole world?

It’s been a little bit of everything. Life has been fun and hard and easy and frustrating and extravagant and low-key and enjoyable and painful and I am SO looking forward to as many more years as life will grant us of this life in abundance with Robert D Stephens.

And finally, one year on… some of my favourites from our wedding day – 15 December 2013

(Also, HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my brother and D, with whom we share this awesome day!)

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