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Priyanka + Chirag | Mumbai Candid Wedding Photography

Priyanka found my work through a mutual friend who, like her, is also a Virgina Tech alumnus (they are fondly known as ‘The Hokies’ I am told.) We bonded over the fact that our name was the same (Yes, Priyanka is my not-so-undercover real name) and after figuring out the time difference between us, we finally managed to ‘meet’ over Skype and worked out a way for me to be there to shoot their wedding in Mumbai on the 5th of Jan, 2013.

What a wedding it was. I honestly had so. much. fun. The ‘Mala Badal’ part of every wedding is always always my favourite and always a challenge to capture. There are always loads of people crowding around and you have to get creative, (if you’re short like me) climb things and make sure you balance yourself enough and not fall on anybody! Ha! Well, I managed somehow and I love love what resulted. You really had to be there to see how fun it was but I hope the images will bring you close enough.

A HUGE HUGE thank you to both Pri and Chi’s families and friends. It was a pleasure being amongst you and THANK YOU for so enthusiastically using the Photobooth!

This one is for Jo, my BFF from college days in Mumbai. I gave Jo a crash course in changing lenses and the basics of taking photographs in Manual Mode before the wedding and she rocked my world. Changing lenses quickly is so much less stress-free when someone you trust is there to help you! She also pretty much took charge of setting up our Photobooth at the reception which was a HUGE support. As I keep saying, where would I be without you, girly?

Also, a huge shout-out to Kosh, the amazing amazing designers who created Pri’s beautiful wedding saree!

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