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Namrata + Ananda (Part 2) : Bangalore Candid Wedding Photography

Ananda and his dad live and work at this gorgeous secular ashram called Fireflies on the outskirts of Bangalore, about an hour’s drive from the city and that’s where Part of this epic wedding celebration took place. And as if the venue wasn’t unique enough, the ceremony itself was nothing like I had seen before.

Thanks to Genevieve Vanspall for shooting with me.

Before darkness set in, I spent some time walking around and it was like a secret garden, with little treasures to be found everywhere.

The programmes were handmade little booklets with a combination of prayers, poems and songs from various religious traditions and cultures celebrating the union of Ananda and Namrata and also their amazing community of family and friends.

This was my favourite part of the evening, everyone came forward and filled in the mandala with flowers.

And then to kick off the party, threw the flowers at each other!

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