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  • Tina Nandi

Grace + Inseong | Korea Candid Wedding Photography

A little history, Grace and I have been friends for about more than a decade! We went to boarding school together for five years in Ooty. We shared rooms, traveled together, took a ‘Basic Mechanics’ class together (I did not learn a THING), had those stupid teenage fights about nothing, cried together – we go a long way basically. So apart from this being my first international shoot (woot!), it was an incredible blessing to be there and get to meet this man – Inseong who won my friend’s heart and see them commit their lives to one another in marriage. I had such a wonderful time re-living the experience as I edited these photos. The two of them are obviously in love and also well-loved by their friends from their university, church and of course their family.I post these images with bittersweet emotions. I am so excited to finally publish them and yet kind of sad that my work with these images are done for now. So I share my view of this special day with you… The day that Grace and Inseong got married.

6 July 2013



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