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  • Tina Nandi

Bombay Finds: Kombava Café at The Art Loft

First of all, Happy Holi, folks! My husband and I have stayed cooped inside the house all day. I have no issues with people playing holi but I definitely don’t like the idea of being splashed, colourified or having a water balloon thrown at me by random strangers on the street! Plus, we are both actually working today so that’s (in a way) nice and convenient.

On Saturday morning, I went out for brunch to this café called Kombava off Hill Road.I didn’t have anything fancy to eat – just scrambled eggs and toast – so I can’t really say much about the food but I did enjoy the ambience and once in a while, peeking into the studio space where there was an art therapy class being conducted!

The Art Loft was founded by Leila and Kevin Tayebaly as a space dedicated to art awareness and education. Leila is a certified art therapist and conducts classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (according to their website).

Sounds pretty awesome, right? I cannot draw/paint to save my life but apparently that’s not a problem so I might just try this out one of these days.

The Art Loft-collagejpg
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