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  • Tina Nandi

Back and reflecting on Korea!

I pretty much hit Indian ground running. Three days of shoot down, one more to go for this week, oh and just like 5000 photos begging to be culled, sorted, edited and sent to clients. My laptop is like a ticking bomb about to explode under all the pressure :/I miss Korea! I had such a great trip. It seemed to all have happened so fast! Grace and I started talking about the possibility of me going over to shoot her wedding earlier this year and at the time it seemed kind of impossible… How would we pay for it? I was convinced no country would give me – single, female, 25 year old “self employed” with very little money in her bank account and no real “job” holding her here – a visa and well it just seemed like a dream. But we slowly started working towards it and wonderful, generous friends came forward to help us with the funds (THANK YOU!!!!) In the process of it all, I managed to get my business registered and became a tax paying professional according to the Indian government. Yay! Such a relief to have that done. I applied for the visa, handing them more paperwork than they were interested in and then waited. And waited. The cynic in me was determined not to get excited until I saw the visa IN my passport and then one fine day, it came! Within two weeks of that, I was heading east to the beautiful country of Korea and to be reunited with Grace – a dear friend from back in the day when we were in boarding school together in Ooty.I loved every bit of it. I soaked in as much of Korean culture as I could and ate as much Korean food (which is incredibly delicious btw) as I could, made some super awesome friends and saw as much as I could and of course witnessed an incredibly beautiful wedding. If the photos are able to convey in a fraction of the amazingness of that wedding, I will be satisfied. 7 days seemed too short but they are 7 days that I am not likely to ever forget.

Here are some photos taken on my phone that kind of sum up the trip. There are important bits missing – like Grace’s wedding!! But there are plenty of those photos coming from my camera when I get around to editing them!

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