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Aradhna Live in Concert | Bangalore

I learnt of this band about 6 years ago. Through random clicks on the internet, I landed up on their website. I clicked on the song ‘Gaao Re’ and tears streamed down my cheeks. The profound lyrics, the fusion of instruments and cultures… It was beautiful and to this day, they still have the ability to move me to tears. Watching them perform Live was literally a dream come true for me. It is really hard to put into words the kind of deep resounding joy that washed over me as I watched them perform on Saturday 17th November, 2012.

A day that will remain forever impressed upon my memory.


Aradhna in Bangalore: Christopher Dicran Hale – lead vocalist and Sitarist, Peter Hicks on Acoustic Guitar, Travis McAfee on Base, and Uday Kumar Nari on Tabla

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