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  • Tina Nandi

Weekend Away.


So we’re back from a extended weekend trip to Nainital. We stayed at a little old (and I mean really OLD) building with some friends and it was so so so refreshing. I feel so refreshed. I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel. It was breathing that glorious fresh air, being surrounded by beautiful tall trees, taking a walk/hike down to the lake, sitting by the camp fire and being mesmerised by it’s crackling and sizzling sounds, but more than that, it was incredible stimulating conversations with this amazing group of friends. So grateful.

On our way back, after some major mess-ups on the part of MakeMyTrip, we had to change our flights back to Mumbai and so we had a few hours of free time in the capital. We spend many hours pigging out at a breakfast buffet while Rob did some work and I did some reading and then made a short trip to Safdarjung’s Tomb before heading to the airport.

I have more photos to share but for now, here’s an early morning photo from our chai-shop at Chandi Chowk.

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