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  • Tina Nandi

Travel Journal: Weekend in Sydney!

My first weekend in Australia, I had the pleasure of spending in Sydney with three friends from boarding school in Ooty!

All three of them actually don’t live in Sydney but they all came down for the weekend and we stayed at Jen’s grandma’s cute little house. We did the essential Sydney sightseeing, ate delicious dinner at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, did a little bit of shopping at a market, checked out a cool gallery (recommended to me by my co-passenger on my flight from Singapore to Sydney!), and hung out at the beautiful Bondi beach.

Anna, Jen and Lyds, so grateful for you girls!

Here’s a little glimpse of the beautiful city of Sydney.

Australia 2013-1
Australia 2013-3
Australia 2013-11
Australia 2013-15
Australia 2013-12
Australia 2013-18
Australia 2013-20
Australia 2013-21
Australia 2013-22
Australia 2013-26
Australia 2013-30
Australia 2013-33
Australia 2013-35
Australia 2013-40
Australia 2013-41
Australia 2013-37
Australia 2013-45
Australia 2013-46
Australia 2013-53
Australia 2013-54
Australia 2013-67
Australia 2013-69
Australia 2013-71
Australia 2013-73
Australia 2013-75
Australia 2013-76
Australia 2013-81
Australia 2013-82
Australia 2013-84
Australia 2013-93
Australia 2013-99
Australia 2013-98
Australia 2013-101
Australia 2013-85
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