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  • Tina Nandi

Travel Journal: USA (Part 3) – Charleston

So, in an attempt to try and finish this Travel Journal series on the US, here’s Charleston for you. Full of history, colourful old buildings, quaint (and very walkable) streets. Charleston lived up to every bit of its’ famed charm.

US Trip-136
US Trip-144 copy
US Trip-163
US Trip-147
US Trip-140-2
US Trip-149
US Trip-178 copy
US Trip-171
US Trip-172
US Trip-179
US Trip-157
US Trip-216
US Trip-207 copy
US Trip-208
US Trip-209
US Trip-224
US Trip-193
US Trip-158
US Trip-223
US Trip-240
US Trip-241
US Trip-236
US Trip-234
US Trip-194
US Trip-201
US Trip-308 copy
US Trip-251
US Trip-313
US Trip-321
US Trip-148
US Trip-263 copy
US Trip-197 copy
US Trip-180
US Trip-258
US Trip-252
US Trip-303
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