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  • Tina Nandi

Travel Journal : Holi Weekend in Goa

201503_Goa Holiday-7-Exposure copy

So it was after a lot of patient waiting that I finally convinced the man that we needed to go to Goa. And I think I might have been successful in converting him to a beach lover. When I asked him if we could do this at least once a year, he said, “let’s do it twice!”

Mission accomplished.

Thanks to suggestions from some friends we found a super reasonable place to stay on Agonda Beach. Quiet, relatively empty and super peaceful. We basically just sat out on the beach all day reading, sleeping, staring at the constant ebb and flow of the ocean. Exactly what our flu-ridden, and tired-of-breathing-Bombay’s-polluted-air lungs and souls needed.

201503_Goa Holiday-1-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-41-Exposure copy
201503_Goa Holiday-43-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-20-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-24-Exposure copy
201503_Goa Holiday-31-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-44-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-45-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-46-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-47-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-50-Exposure copy
201503_Goa Holiday-51-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-53-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-54-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-58-Exposure copy
201503_Goa Holiday-57-Exposure
201503_Goa Holiday-52-Exposure
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