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The Gratitude List

Fruits and Veggies-3

This week Rob’s been traveling a LOT. I edited photos and a video from the second Creative Mornings Mumbai event last Saturday and had another shoot on Wednesday night and then editing that for the last two days. So it’s been kinda crazy around here lately but there’s still plenty that I am grateful for…

// PEACHES! Over the weekend, we noticed peaches on the fruit vendors’ stands and we were pretty excited. I was even more excited to know that these peaches come from Himachal Pradesh as opposed to being imported from abroad. I like to avoid buying fruits and veggies (and other stuff) that’s been imported (unnecessary shipping and goodness know what they’re pumping into them to keep them ‘fresh’). So we are really enjoying these desi peaches!

// A taste of monsoon! It’s always pretty humid in Bombay but in the last two weeks, it’s been getting wetter and wetter until the sky finally poured down sweet rain water on us on Tuesday morning! Of course it didn’t last too long and got humid again after a while but it was just so good to smell that wet mud smell! I love rain and though it gets pretty icky with the rains in Bombay, I can’t wait for the monsoons to finally be here!

// We can officially stay in India for another year! Of course, I can stay here as long as I want with my Indian passport but the husband has to renew his visa yearly (and let’s face it, if India makes him leave, I’m leaving too!). It’s a bucketload of paperwork and a long day at the FRRO but it’s done! And hopefully once we are officially married for one year, we can apply for a PIO* card and then we don’t have to do this every year anymore!

// Crash course in lighting. On Wednesday night, I did a shoot for my friends who are extremely talented dancers in a studio setting with big softboxes and a black backdrop. I was kinda nervous initially because I am so NOT a studio photographer and though I do know about lighting, I am definitely not an expert. But I played around with it and finally figured it out and I am SO excited about what resulted! Can’t wait to show you all and I am so grateful for the opportunity to conquer my mild fear and distaste for studio lighting!

// Last weekend we hosted a friend of mine (who is more like a little brother) from my Zambia days and tonight we welcome Meg and Terry from Canada to stay with us for a couple of nights! I am grateful for these opportunities to open up our home to friends. Both Rob and I have been at the receiving end of this kind of hospitality many many times and we are grateful that we can now host people at our home! My parents definitely taught me to value this as well. Our home in Bangalore was always open to friends and family and I’m so inspired by how graciously my mum would take care of them even if she was exhausted at the end of it. Yay, for amazing role-models!

That’s all for now, folks!

Happy Weekend!

*PIO stands for “Person of Indian Origin” and a foreigner whose spouse is an Indian citizen is eligible to be a “PIO”. The terminology makes absolutely no sense at all but it is what it is.

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