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  • Tina Nandi

The gratitude list.

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// Bonhoeffer’s biography by Eric Metaxas. Rob has an amazing collection of books. But he reads a lot of non-fiction and I’m more a fiction reader so even though I’d noticed this book amongst his collection stowed away in our bed-storage, I didn’t think I would make it through the book on account of it being a biography and HUGE. (Don’t judge). Anyway, so while we were taking out some other books, I noticed another much smaller book by Bonhoeffer and thought, well, that I can handle. No sooner did I read the blurb at the back that I was in shock! Bonhoeffer was part of the plan to assassinate Hitler?!! WHAT?! I knew he was a pretty awesome and radical guy but this I did not know. So of course, we had to get out of bed and reopen the storage to get out the biography RIGHT THEN and I am absolutely loving it. There’s a lot of history in it about the World Wars and Hitler’s rise to power. Heavy stuff but Metaxas is a genius and he tells it like a story that doesn’t feel overbearing with facts. Obviously it’s pretty horrific story because you know what’s going to happen but I am learning so much and I know this is one of those books that I will be sad to finish.

// Summer fruits. I am just constantly amazed at how with the turn of seasons, fruits and veggies change too. And they change to help us deal with the seasons. It’s really incredible and I am so grateful for this.

// Home-made pizza night. Figuring out meal-plans is a tough job. Rob doesn’t care if we eat dal every night, I mean that’s pretty much what he did for 6 years of living in Bombay before we got married. I, however would be sad and pouty if I had to eat the same thing every day so I try to plan our meals and change things up a little but I realised that there’s some comfort in constancy too so last Friday I made pizza (dough and all, ahem ahem) and declared Fridays as “Pizza Night” and I am so looking forward to the comfort of that tonight.

// Having running water. Our building has been going through repair work for months now and it’s really quite frustrating because there’s banging and our windows which we so painstakingly cleaned when we moved in are filthy again, there were water problems and we had a leaky ceiling in our kitchen, etc etc. But we have water. And sometimes not having it makes me mad because I mean, what do you without water?!? But that also makes me all the more grateful that we do still have water.

// Living in Bandra. It is kinda way out of our league. But I sometimes wonder if we had settled for the cheaper places really far off or in really un-diverse areas just how miserable I would be. Apartment searching was a nightmare for me. But we got through it and God knew best. And I love living here.

// Blogs. I constantly find amazing things through other people’s blogs. This video is my favourite from this week. I actually found another talk by Dr Brené Brown on Jonas Peterson’s blog and then found a whole lot of amazing things by her. I just love this video. I’ve watched it about 20 times and it’s just so full of truth and wisdom.

Happy Weekend All!

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