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  • Tina Nandi

The Gratitude List # 6

This Week

I meant to post this on Saturday night and then somehow, Monday morning creeped up on us…

// For four whole days of non stop running water. We’ve gotten used to storing up and getting things done at specific times of the day depending on when the water will be available but it’s good to not have to be militant about it anymore. I am grateful for running water and I think having had it rationed was a good reminder of the importance of preservation. Water is precious and we ought to use it mindfully all the time, not just when it’s rationed.

// For the co-working space that I joined this last week. I’m not naturally extroverted so I know it will take me a while to make friends with my fellow co-working space folks but I really love the comfort of having people working away around me. And I am just so much more focused and productive in that space!

// For this wonderful group of ladies that I meet with every Wednesday. Again, it’s taken me a while to be comfortable and open up (and I’m still not a 100% there) but I am so grateful for how accepting they are of me anyway. And I am humbled and growing because of that.

// For a slew of new inquiries! I’m so humbled by your support. And no matter what happens, I am always happy to hear of couples getting married! Marriage is awesome.

// For the joy of seeing my work in print!

// For coconut water. On Sunday afternoon while we were walking home from a brunch/lunch, we met a couple of lungi-clad men who had just plucked a bunch of coconuts from some trees in Bandra and were selling them very affordably so of course, we filled up our arms with as many as we could carry home! Those beasts are heavy and so much harder to crack open to get to the water than they make it look! Every bit worth the effort carrying them home and hammering open though!

// For Sunday night Chinese dinner, ice-cream and the most delicious paan ever for my parents’ last night in Mumbai!

// For this little note left for me on the mirror this morning.


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