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  • Tina Nandi

The Gratitude List #4 – USA bound!

US Trip 0614-3

So folks, we’re at the end of another week and mostly I’m just grateful that we made it through to this point! I was in Patiala earlier this week for a wedding shoot and Rob’s been super busy too so it kinda felt like our wait to finally be on holiday would never end!

Anyway we are now well on our way to the US of A! We were mostly passed out on our Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and now we are waiting it out to get on to our connecting flight to Newark!

Here are a couple of other things I am grateful for this week:

// Shooting a college-mate’s wedding in Patiala! Though I can’t say I cared so much about the weather (40-45 degrees celsius!), it’s so great to feel a part of the wedding party and not just be “the photographer”.

// My second-shooter, Genevieve who celebrated her birthday with our clients’ family on the first day of our shoot in Patiala! They ordered a cake for her, and made a big hullaballoo to make her feel special which she totally is! It’s so great to have (very talented) company on shoots and I look forward to shooting lots of weddings with her!

// And of course, last but most definitely not the least… here’s to a two week break from India because goodness knows I need it (Rob is much less unfazed by Bombay-Living than I tend to be but he is happy to be going back to his “gaon”)!

I’m going to be a total tourist and take photos of everything so watch this space (and Twitter) for more ;)

*Happy Dance*

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