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  • Tina Nandi

The Gratitude List #3 (And Photos from Meg and Terry’s Visit!)

// Hosting Meg and Terry! It started with a blunder on my part. I misread the date that they were supposed to arrive so Rob and I spent about an hour waiting for them at the International Airport on Friday night until I thought, “hmmm, I hope I didn’t get the date wrong…” I am so grateful for my gracious husband who was all like, “Don’t worry. It happens. Let’s go home bud.” <3

Anyway, they did arrive on Saturday night and Rob and I enjoyed showing them around the city a little bit over the next two days. In the evenings, we stayed in and played some super fun card games! We are planning bring back a few of these from the US and start up a game night once we get back! *SO* fun!!

// Of course our friends from Canada brought us a HUGE jar of maple syrup. (And Maple biscuits, which my husband decided to toast to a crisp one night but that’s another story). Of course, we love our maple syrup on pancakes but last night I made chicken with a maple syrup-mustard-vinegar sauce. They call it “Man Pleasing Chicken”. Let me tell you, it’s a “Woman Pleasing Recipe”. Check it out here. Thanks Meg for the idea!

// Shooting at Kyoorius Awards 2014. I have to admit I had no idea how huge this was until I went for my briefing the evening before the event. This was my first time shooting an event like this and I was mega impressed. I had fun donning my little red elephant badge and bumping into some friends while I covered the event. ‘Twas a fun night!

// Late-night impromptu trips to Pinkberry!

Meg_Terry_Bom_0614-26 copy

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