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#SSSMovie Interview: Cara Eastcott!

International Interview with Cara Eastcott!

Logistics of Interview – Robert Stephens in Mumbai, India (6.30 pm IST) and Cara Eastcott in Toronto, Canada (9.00 am EST)

Medium of International Communication: English Language Conversation on the Supermobile

RS:  Helllooooo……… after a long time Cara!!!!!11

CE:  Hiiiiiiiiiiiii…….. after a long time Robert!

RS:  It feels like just a few days ago we were in Mumbai shooting for Simple Superstar, no?

CE:  Absolutely!  The whole experience was soooo NICE!

RS:  Before we get into the nitty gritty of the shoot, please share with us what you have been up to upon returning to Canada?

CE:  Well…….I am working full time with the Disability Arts Festival*, taking improv piano lessons, DJ-ing, and doing some Stand-Up Comedy! Trying a little bit of everything!

RS:  Wow! You certainly have your hands full. Great to hear!

CE:  Thank You!!! Ahhhhh!! I miss everyone in Mumbai so much and the shoot was awesome!

 RS:  Well then…let us begin…..How did you, Cara Eastcott, become the Bollywood Diva aka Priya Madam?

CE:  (Smiles)  When I saw that Wilbur was making a Feature Film, I wrote to him and said “Wilbur! I want to be involved! I can help with shoot related stuff, set coordination, promotions, etc….” 

RS:  Ohh, so you were not Priya Madam from the beginning?

CE:  Nope.  I was just there to help!  Then  I mentioned to Wilbur that I was getting back into acting and performance and Wilbur coincidentally said to me, “Cara!  We need you to play a Diva Role!”  And that is how it began!

RS:  Very awesome!  Can you share a little bit about the shoot? 

CE:  Certainly!  We met the evening before the shoot at the Taj Mahal Hotel Lobby, and Wilbur said “Team, tomorrow we are going to shoot five scenes in one day!”…..and I was thinking to myself “No Wayyy!”

RS:  And….

CE:  And it happened!  I could not believe it!  Everything went so smooth!  We began with a scene on a boat at the Gateway of India!  It really made me feel in character, as if I was on my own private yacht – except it was a rickety old colourful boat!  This was like a perfect introduction to the day for me…an “Ode to Extravaganza.”

RS:  Nice! Then?

CE:  Then, we stopped by a petrol pump.

RS: A petrol pump?

CE:  Yessir!  The night before Wilbur said “Friends, we need an Ambassador car for this shoot!”  but being Mumbai, nobody knew where we could get one, and staff at the Taj actually told us they don’t exist in Mumbai anymore!!!!1 But in the morning, on my way to the shoot in a taxi, I saw an Ambassador being serviced at a gas station…and it was still there after we finished our piece on the yacht (aka colourful old boat).

RS: Hahahaha! So you shot a scene with a broke-down Ambassador at a petrol pump?!?!

CE:  Yes, it was Awesome! Perfect actually!

RS: Hahhaha! Too much!

CE:  Then we moved on to Marine Drive for an EPIC shoot!  The wind was Howling!  My hair was all over the place, my sari was totally out of control… it was crazy…really really windy!

RS:  Ha! Gone with the Wind, Marathi Edition!

CE:  (Smiles) My favorite sequence was the Hanging Gardens shoot…..

RS: Why is that?

CE:   Wilbur and I were on a bridge…..and we began an improvised shot that involved communication with expressions and actions only, no words. A crowd gathered, mostly children. And it grew and grew…until it reached about a hundred children or so…

RS:  And how did they react?

CE:  Children were the perfect litmus test!  Their natural reactions instantly confirmed that we were doing something right!  They would laugh at just the right time, giggle at others, it was great. Kind of like Live Theatre!

RS:   Awww, sweet.

CE:   You know, it is amazing how one day can have such a lasting impact. 

RS:  Excuse me?

CE:  That one day with five shoots was a milestone in an incredible process.  How this whole project is unraveling has been beautiful to watch.  The amount of focus and love, the drive behind this whole film and the people involved, Wow! Especially Wilbur! He has a gift to bring the right people together and finish what he starts! Simply super!

RS:  I have noticed something consistent in all SSS interviews…..people always come around to talk about the family, the Wilbur Worldwide Community, and the underlying message that the Common is Extraordinary, if only we take the time to appreciate and celebrate!

CE:  That’s right! It was not about the technical things!  It is about what I call the “Heart Push” – veering away from the mainstream path of self promotion – it is the Heart Push that makes everyone want to be involved!

RS:  “Heart Push!”  I like that!

CE:  The momentum from this project has been part of the inspiration for my recommencing improv piano lessons, DJ-ing, and Stand Up Comedy here in Toronto.  It’s basically instilled in me the proof that I can do anything I put my mind to.

RS:  Oh Wow! That is so encouraging to hear Cara!  Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you will continue to stay inspired as we journey together!

CE:  Yes yes yes!  Have a great day Robert, I need to run now…must get to work!

RS: Okie! Have a great day!!!1

The Wilbur Worldwide Community exists to see others inspired.  To imagine and move towards a wide world where competition is replaced with collaboration, and the gifts and skills of one exist to enrich and fill others. 

*The Disability Arts Festival is a Not For Profit Arts Organization that is producing an annual festival showcasing artists with disability. This year we had a media series of films and workshops, a photography exhibit and Pod Plays! Abilities is located in Toronto, Canada.

Location: Mumbai, Toronto, Bangalore!

Interviewer: Robert Stephens

Model/Interviewee: Cara Eastcott

Photographer: Tina Nandi

Note from the Photographer: Cara Eastcott is one of the most vibrant, encouraging, and kind individuals I have ever met. So glad our paths crossed thanks to Wilbur World Wide! I had the honour of being ‘on set’ and doing some Behind-the-Scenes Photography when this section of the film was being shot in Mumbai and it is honestly one of the highlights of 2012 for me. So many awesome people in one place!

Make sure you check out this hilarious video interview of ‘Madam Priya’ at the delicious Swathi Snacks in Tardeo, Mumbai. 

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