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  • Tina Nandi

SISTERS Conference 2012

I had the honour of being at the SISTERS Conference in Ooty this past weekend! Love this organisation! Loved seeing so many beautiful young women with so much potential being in one place. Many other inspiring organisations were also present like Women of Worth (WoW) and their Dark Is Beautiful Campaign, World Vision and their Let Girls Live Campaign, IJM Chennai who works tirelessly to free bonded labourers, Life for All – a pro-LIFE organisation based in Coimbatore, Picture Change – non-profit organisation empowering young women and children to picture change in their lives through photography and the arts… Those are all the ones I can remember. I also met Zippora of Zippora Madhukar Photography. LOVED IT ALL!

Well… didn’t love so much being asked which grade I was in, or which school I was from! :/ But overall, I loved being there!

When I started off doing Photography professionally, I promised myself that I wouldn’t compromise on certain things. If I made a promise, I would keep it. If I was involved with an organisation that needed my help, I would keep doing it for as long as they needed. And part of that was keeping my promise to go up to Ooty for the Conference this year. It was hard, let me tell you… I got at least 4 inquiries to shoot a wedding or some other event for the exact same dates. Seriously! I’m not that popular but on these dates apparently I was and it was hard saying ‘no’, reminding myself that I committed to be there for the conference and by God, I was going to BE ALL THERE. And so I was, and I am glad that I was. SISTERS is important to me. I believe in its vision to educate young women to make healthy choices and to the best that they can be. And I am proud to be associated with that cause!

Here are a few images from the Conference…

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