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  • Tina Nandi


Monday 14th May, 2012 Krishnappa Garden, Bangalore

I finally got hold of my neighbourhood friend today to give him his photographs that I got printed out last week. He’s been rather elusive lately. I’d hear his voice or his whistle (apparently one of his favourite toys) but by the time I’d get out, he’d be gone. I even went looking for him a couple of times but to no avail. Anyway, this evening, after it rained, I went out with my camera to the garden and I finally caught cycling past our house. I called him over and gave him the pictures and he was pretty happy and his brother/friend (not sure!) and him both wanted a picture together so I obliged. Shiva then asked if he could have a go so I strapped my camera around his neck and this time remembered to change the settings to minimize the effect of camera-shake and he took two or three shots.

Here are Shiva’s pictures in monochrome:

The funny thing was, after he took the pics, I showed them to him on the LCD screen and he quickly picked up how to browse to see the rest of the images on my camera so pretty soon we were looking through some of my pictures and this boy, who barely speaks a word of English exclaims, “Wow!” It was pretty sweet! Peeps, that’s a compliment I will never forget.

Here is Shiva (on the right) with his brother/friend:

And proudly showing off his photograph:

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