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  • Tina Nandi

September Twenty Fourteen

This is so so late but I couldn’t bare the thought of letting another month go so here’s my better-late-than-never snippet of September.


1. First attempt at homemade granola. Tasty, healthy and great for easy breakfasts! // 2. Celebrating Robert and Palak’s birthday with delicious dinner and (if I might say so myself) the most delicious carrot cake ever. // 3. Shooting some architecture in Ahmedabad // 4. Taking advantage of a shoot trip to Ahmedabad with sight seeing // 5. Also some fun-times with friends in Ahmedabad // 6. A sweet taster of step wells. Dada Hari ni Vav. They really knew the importance and how to store scarce resources in a creative way back in the day. What happened to us? // 7. Our sabziwala at the market. SO appreciate the hard work of these folks. // 8. An attempt at pumpkin soup and homemade  bread sticks. // 9. A gorgeous old book on Obstetrics arrived in the mail this month!

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