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  • Tina Nandi

Photobooks : Life in 2013 + 2014

I’ve always enjoyed browsing through our family photo albums at home and I fear that with our current ‘pixel obsessed’ generation, we won’t have too many of these treasures to show our kids and grandkids. Yes, they’re all on Facebook and every other social media platform you can think of but screens don’t even come close to actual pages of a book. I also have the fear that someday one of my hard disks is going to crash and I will lose everything! So I resolved to have our photos printed and started working on this book a couple of months ago. I decided to order it through Artifact Uprising because I haven’t yet come across an Indian photobook company that offered what I was looking for. Simple, softcover books with non-glossy paper and an easy-enough online designing software and printing service. I love their mission and also the fact that they print on 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled Paper. In general, I’m not that good at remembering to take personal photos but now that I know I will make books of our photos every one or two years, it reminds me to capture those celebrations and special times with friends and family and our travels. It reminds me that it’s worth keeping a visual record of this life that we are so grateful for…

201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-25
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-29
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-27
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-8
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-44
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-42
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-40
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-22
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-39
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-74
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-21
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-10
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-34
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-19
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-30
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-37
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-35
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-14
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-31
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-11
201504_Photobooks_Personal Book-20

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