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  • Tina Nandi

Notes on traveling.

After many hours spent in transit, at airports, on the road, in a hotel, on the ghats of Benares, eating street food, walking through narrow gallis, being up before 7am every morning (miracle!) and a good solid week away from my computer, I am back.It’s going to take a couple of blog posts to describe the experience and I hope to be diligent in doing that because I really want to write it all down, lest I forget!Traveling makes my heart sing… It expands my world and my perspective in a way that no other thing on earth can do, I think. I think if you are open to it, it can do the same for you too.Here are some of my thoughts on traveling:

  1. Stay in a clean but non-fancy hotel. You shouldn’t be spending more than a few hours there anyway. Go explore!

  2. Eat local food. Try new things.

  3. Wake up super early (sleeping on holidays is a waste of time!).

  4. Walk as much as you can.

  5. Be silent sometimes. Be still.

  6. Ask questions to the locals about what they think about the city/town/village.

  7. Don’t go to the malls.

  8. Don’t eat at KFC, MacDonalds etc. (I could ramble on for a long time about how sad it makes me to see these places everywhere I go nowadays!!)

  9. Don’t litter.

  10. Use local transport.

  11. Don’t be constantly taking pictures if you are there for just two or three days. I know. That is maybe odd for a photographer to say, but that’s how I increasingly feel. I think if you’re constantly taking photographs, you miss out on the real experience. So I would say take pictures in moderation. Unless of course you’re on assignment or something!

  12. Have an open heart and an open mind, expect the unexpected and be adventurous.

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