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  • Tina Nandi


Updated: Feb 19, 2020

While I was in Bombay my friend Robert and I trekked over to Kandivali and had the wonderful privilege of photographing and interviewing Moksh, the apple of his parents’ eyes and the cutest 11-month old little boy I have probably ever met. Today Moksh will have completed a whole YEAR in the world and so in honour of Mr. Moksh’s birthday, here are some of my favourite shots from our shoot and a write-up from Robert. Mr. Moksh, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you. I was blessed by your parents’ hospitality and your amazing zest for life!

Before you were in our lives, we often thought of Moksh as a

deliverance away from and out of the travails of this world. But we

are grateful, for your arrival and the metaphor of your life has

brought about a paradigm shift in the way we think. A change in how

we perceive various facets of the world around us. We are now on the

path of true understanding. Rather than striving to attain another

worldliness through our own meticulous merit, we discover that Moksh,

although pursued with passion, is intended to be received and

experienced with hearts of overflowing gratitude in the here and now.

Deliverance into the world of joyful living, that is the gift that you

are in our lives. Happy Birthday Moksh.

Mr. Moksh is a Surat born Mumbai resident, who celebrates his first

birthday today, 8 June 2012. His primary interests and fields of

expertise lie in naps, eating the Mumbai Mirror, communicating with

good pigeons, and most importantly, hanging out with his awesome

parents. He cannot be contacted for further information (sorry) as he

has no mobile phone, email address, or facebook page.

Happy Birthday once again sir. We all love and welcome you to the

extended family of humanity.

(write-up courtesy of Mr. Robert Stephens of

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