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  • Tina Nandi

Jenny’s Visit!

I leave for the airport in about half hour to shoot a wedding with my friend George in Bhubaneshwar! Just thought I’d quickly upload these photos of Jenny’s visit before it gets too old.

It was fun being a ‘tourist’ in Bombay as we showed Jenny around. Rob really enjoyed showing us his old map collection and a few of his drawings too.

We checked out several galleries in Kala Ghoda and the first evening of the Kala Ghoda Festival (which I have to say isn’t quite as artsy as it used to be, and seems to have become rather disappointingly commercial).

I think our favourite part of the weekend was eating the famed “Berry Pulao” at Brittania. Apart from the fact that Berry Pulao is amazingly tasty, we loved having our order taken by an elderly Irani man who we think is probably the son of the man who opened the café in the 1920s.

Jenny Visiting-2
Jenny Visiting-3
Jenny Visiting-5
Jenny Visiting-6
Jenny Visiting-10
Jenny Visiting-11
Jenny Visiting-14
Jenny Visiting-15
Map Collage
Jenny Visiting-38
Jenny Visiting-41
Jenny Visiting-42
Jenny Visiting-55
Jenny Visiting-58
Jenny Visiting-63
Jenny Visiting-68
Jenny Visiting-70
Jenny Visiting-73
Jenny Visiting-75
Jenny Visiting-76
Jenny Visiting-79
Jenny Visiting-84
Jenny Visiting-93
Jenny Visiting-104
Jenny Visiting-112
Jenny Visiting-123
Jenny Visiting-122
Jenny Visiting-95
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