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  • Tina Nandi

Hey, guess what?

I’m hosting another screening of Horse & Rider today! Not at home this time, but at this amazing place called ‘Jaaga’. Apparently, in Kannada, that word simply means ‘Place’.

So ‘Jaaga’ is a ‘Place’ where artists come together and can use the space to work or to host events and exhibit their work, etc. It’s very cool. The building itself is very interesting and yeah, it’s definitely got this artsy fartsy feel to it. 

The last time I went there (which was also the first time) with my friends Antu and Jenny and there was some dance performance going on. I have to say, that none of us understood head or tail of the dance. It was some contemporary thing and we just did not get it. 

Anyway, the purpose of our visit was simply to check it out and we did and we loved it. Also their veg sandwich in the Courtyard Cafe? Yum.

So just in case you haven’t heard me harping on and on about this screening on Facebook and Twitter

Come to the SCREENING of this incredible film called HORSE & RIDER at JAAGA this evening at 5:30PM!

Horse & Rider: A Journey Towards Freedom from Ben Stamper Pictures on Vimeo.

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