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  • Tina Nandi

Gratitude List #7


I’m spending the day at a hotel in Kottayam! The sky is gorgeous blue with big white fluffy clouds, I had appams and stew for breakfast, a most delicious fish curry thali meal for lunch, I have watched two movies and I have NO household responsibilities to take care of today. Life is good ;)

// So grateful that my photography allows me to travel. Even if I don’t always have time to look around much and I don’t particularly like doing that alone, it’s always nice to have a change of scene.

// Grateful for second-shooters. Their support is so valuable and I think I’m pretty lucky to have worked with some super talented and super sweet fellow photographers in my two years of TNP

// Happy email responses from clients on seeing their wedding galleries! Especially notes from parents. I know it’s sometimes hard convincing parents of the value of candid photography so when I hear from them, it’s extra special.

// Long weekends. We had one last week and spent it mostly relaxing and catching up with each other and friends. We also went on a long trek which was I have to write more about that! Three more long weekends coming up over the next two months. YAY!

// One year of officially being Mrs. Stephens. It’s a lesser known fact about our story but we were legally hitched about 6 months before our wedding! It didn’t feel much different because we didn’t actually start doing LIFE together until after our wedding in December but still, it’s kind of momentous. I thought of myself being Mrs. Stephens like from the day after we started dating because he was just so darn awesome and where had he been all my life!?! I love that man so. He brings out the very best and very secret parts of me. The person that I am and that I am becoming that I never really knew I was or could become.

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