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  • Tina Nandi

Gratitude List # 12

Gratitude List 12

This week felt both unbearably long and super short all at the same time. Rob and I were both traveling for work so we didn’t see each other most of the week (which it made it feel like a very long week!) but the travel and work also made it go by fast. So here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

// The chance to get out of Bombay for a day and enjoy the amazing greenery of Alibaug.

// Spending Sunday afternoon picnicking at the Farmer’s Market with our motley crew of friends old and new.

// This. East Side Compost Pedallers. What an idea! I love compost. About two years ago, I convinced my parents that we needed to compost and we bought DailyDump’s Terracotta composting system and it was my responsibility at home to turn our food scraps to lovely smelling rich soil. It was quite literally magical. My dad has since taken over the responsibility and I am so proud that the Nandi household in Bangalore is keeping compostable waste out of the city’s overloaded landfills.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to compost in our tiny apartment in Bombay but to this day, I cannot stand the thought of throwing food scraps into a plastic bag with everything else (think about this for a second) and expecting someone else to sort through our mess (and they do). Imagine if we had Mumbai Compost Pedallers?! Oh, what a dream!

// I love watching a good TV show. Somehow, I came across Years of Living Dangerously and my geeky environmental self is really enjoying the amazing storytelling skill of this show. This quote from The Guardian describes it best:

Climate change really is a made-for-TV story. It has all the drama of Hollywood, with real-life villains and heroes thrown in. We scientists struggle everyday to communicate the importance of climate change to the world. It is great to see communication experts come in and accomplish what scientists alone cannot.

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