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  • Tina Nandi

Featured: Interview

Here’s the truth. I really struggled with this interview. Not because I didn’t know what my answers to the questions were but because I didn’t know how to answer the questions the way I thought I was supposed to answer them. You know, be super confident and inspiring and talk about all the amazing photographers that I know and worship and basically how I have it all figured out.

It took a couple of days for it to get through my head that I just had to be who I am. The truth of how I kind of stumbled and fell into this photography stuff that I love, with all my emotions and random, yet passionate dreams that I honestly don’t know what to do with sometimes. I have no five-year-plan. Heck, I don’t even have a five-day-plan.

And the irony is the very people I admire and who inspire me are the ones who remind me time and again, to. be. myself.

So I wrote and I re-wrote and this is what transpired:

Kyoorius Interview
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