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  • Tina Nandi

Featured: Domus India, March 2014 for RMA Architects

Project: KMC Corporate Office Location: Hyderabad Architect: RMA Architects Published in Domus India, March 2014

This is exciting. Rob and I got our copy (plus two for the family) and I was literally jumping at the bookstore. Lots of sleep was lost on this shoot but that’s what you have to do to catch that kind of magical light casting whimsical shadows and have your image featured on the COVER of Domus!!!!!!

Such a great project, so grateful for the opportunity to shoot it!

Domus March 2014-238
Domus March 2014-248
Domus March 2014-251
Domus March 2014-241
Domus March 2014-240
Domus March 2014-243
Domus March 2014-253
Domus March 2014-245

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