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  • Tina Nandi

Bombay Times. Post 1 of many.


I think this image is a pretty good summation of my life at the moment:

1. Work desk. Tapping away at my keyboard Lightroom shortcuts. Editing thousands of images from two very very differently amazing shoots in Calcutta and Bangalore.

2. Yoga pants. My new favourite item of clothing. So comfortable. And, I joined a yoga class yesterday which I love and am planning to be a regular at. Working out with a group is just SO much more motivating than trying to keep up with an exercise video on my computer. (I still love you Jillian Michaels. If it weren’t for your yoga videos, I would have been lost in class yesterday.)

3. Apple Crumble. Experimenting in the kitchen. Turns out keeping a home running functionally is a full-time job. Food doesn’t just appear; you have to make it. And making it isn’t as simple as throwing something together; you have to plan it. Same goes with the laundry, garbage, clean floors and toilets. etc, etc. I knew this before but I’m only truly appreciating it now. And I’m incredibly awed at how my own parents did it for us for all these years seemingly effortlessly. It’s not effortless. It’s hard work.

Life is hard work. But life is good.

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