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  • Tina Nandi

Bombay Finds: Green The Gap

As much as I love cooking, I wasn’t feeling like putting together ‘dinner-for-one’ last night. The hubs was traveling on work so after meeting with some friends last evening, I wandered around Pali Naka and ordered some take-out for dinner. While I was waiting, I decided to explore the area a little bit and I found this cute little store called Green The Gap: The Upcycle Store. Right up my alley of interests so of course I went in and I was so impressed! It’s not just recycling for the sake of recycling. This is seriously cool recycling. They had super stylish handbags made of recycled rubber and waste fabrics. Coasters made of old CDs, and tetra packs, organic t-shirts, etc.

But my favourite find were this cute little cards. At first glance you think, “Oh nice. Handmade paper, cute designs”…


And then you look at the back, and there’s adorable little stamp of an elephant’s behind and on a closer inspection, you realise that these cards have been made from ELEPHANT POO!

I mean, how genius is that? The little description on the bottom says, “Made using only the finest dung available in India.”

Love love love.


Check out other cool stuff at Green The Gap.

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