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  • Tina Nandi

Beating the blues.

I was feeling kinda bluesy yesterday. Miss my friends.  Monday morning pancakes in the staff kitchen with Anu and Mim. Tuesday morning runs to the market with Jen. Wednesday afternoon Chicken Biriyani in the college canteen with ‘the girls. Thursday night dinners at Rod and Diana’s in Ooty. Friday afternoon Jazzercise. Saturday night movies cuddled up on the floor of our dorm-parents’ flat. Sunday night pot-of-korean-noodles in the dorm at Hebron.They all happened at different points in my life but there was always something. Some tradition, consistency, epic conversations… and I miss that.

I know it’s a phase though. Part of the deal of being an independent photographer in a city that you have not much bond with. I didn’t go to school here, I didn’t go to college here, I haven’t lived here very long and so it’s hard but today I’m going to concentrate on being grateful for the many friends that I do have!

I am grateful.

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