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  • Tina Nandi

April Twenty-Fourteen.

It’s May!

Last night before going to sleep, I said to Rob, “Guess what? Tomorrow when we wake up, I can say to you, “we’re going to America next month!”” And he said, “I don’t think you’ll be saying that at 4am!” (Because that’s when he had to get up to get ready to catch his flight to Chennai. And I am barely comprehensible in the mornings, let alone at 4AM!)

But I woke up this morning at 4am and told my husband, “Guess what? WE’RE GOING TO AMERICA NEXT MONTH!”

I’m so excited, folks. It’s still ages away. Technically a-month-and-a-half but let the countdown begin, I say!

So that’s what I’m most excited about the month of May (counting down to next month!)… and here’s a glimpse of what my April looked like…


1. Nainital’s incredible trees // 2. Delhi by early morning // 3. Mehendi Shoot // 4. Gotta love intelligent packaging (and yummy bread!) // 5. Chorizo is a revelation!! So easy to add a burst of flavour to pasta with some Chorizo // 6. Cooling fruits for this nasty heat // 7. Raw mangoes to make Aam Panna (delicious summer drink) // 7. Boat ride from Alibaug for another architectural shoot // 8. Photographing and Videographing the first Creative Mornings Mumbai event! (See here for more)

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