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  • Tina Nandi

36 Pictures – Bamboo Bazaar

Another epic, adventurous and rather WET edition of 36Pictures with Sharan Ranjit and Anu John David

The rain started shortly before I left. As I was heading out the house, I was chiding myself for being put off by a little rain. When I lived in Bombay, this would be considered a mere shower, nothing to think twice about venturing into.

The rain stopped as I made my way to our usual meeting place – CCD, CMH Rd and from there we headed to City Market. Sharan and I had been there last week and were bowled over by it! We wanted to explore it more while there was light and peeps, I think we’re going to be visiting this place another couple of times! There are just so many interesting nooks and crannies at this market. I wanted to go wandering through the tiny gallis of this place but we ended up spending most of our time soaking in the activity in Bamboo Bazaar. The people were lovely; Anu and I even got cups of chaii offered to us by the hard-working people at this market. I love that about India. Really, it just warms my heart. Loving this little project and having friends to dream big with :)

Stay tuned for more pictures but for now, here’s our ‘chaii-friends’.

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