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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Bombay Finds: Green The Gap

As much as I love cooking, I wasn’t feeling like putting together ‘dinner-for-one’ last night. The hubs was traveling onView full post »

Published: Indian A&B for Gaurav Roy Choudhury

Project: Lateral House Location: Bangalore Architect: Gaurav Roy Choudhury Published in Indian A & B Another architectural shoot I didView full post »

Bombay Times. Post 1 of many.

I think this image is a pretty good summation of my life at the moment: 1. Work desk. Tapping away at my keyboard Lightroom shortcuts.View full post »

Published: Domus India for RMA

Project: Shantiniketan Location: Delhi Architect: RMA Published in Domus India, Jan 2014 So grateful for the opportunity to shoot thisView full post »

Travel Journal: African Honeytreat!

To say life has changed in these last few weeks would be a total understatement. I sometimes can’t believe I’m married.View full post »