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Monthly Archives: April 2012

36 Pictures – Pottery Town

28th April, 2012 Pottery Town Bangalore These two little mischievous little boys met us as we were leaving Pottery Town this evening.View full post »

From archives.

This picture makes me smile. I remember shooting this wedding very vividly. I met the couple the day before the wedding at the chosenView full post »

36 Pictures – Russell Market

Saturday 21st April, 2012Russell Market, ShivajinagarBangaloreA few weeks ago, I met with an awesome wedding photographer (Anup J Kat) whomView full post »


Ruvina = sister of awesome friend and colleague, Relina. 31st March, 2012Hebbal Lake Park,BangaloreView full post »

Rod + Diana.

8th April, 2012 Bangalore Meet Rod and Diana, my two very good friends from Ooty. I met these two back in 2011 when I started my shortView full post »