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Travel Journal: Mussoorie, you beauty.

Mussoorie holds fond memories in my heart from a trip I made up there with my college besties after our final year. So I knew I would loveView full post »

Travel Journal : Holi Weekend in Goa

Hubs is not a beach person. The sand in his feet bothers him while I love every bit of the beach. So it was after a lot of patient waitingView full post »

September Twenty Fourteen

This is so so late but I couldn’t bare the thought of letting another month go so here’s my better-late-than-never snippet ofView full post »

Riteja + Satya (Mehendi and Haldi) : Kolkata Candid Wedding Photography

I shot this amazing wedding of Riteja and Satya in Kolkata in July and honestly I don’t know what words to use to explain how muchView full post »

Gratitude List # 8 / Travel Journal : Ahmedabad

The husband and I arrived back from Ahmedabad this afternoon to our mouldy apartment. That’s one thing I really will NOT miss aboutView full post »

Purnima + Sam (Mayra and Engagement): Patiala Candid Wedding Photography

This is part 2 of a 3 part series of Purnima and Sam’s wedding in Patiala shot in June 2014. You can see Part 1 here. Second-shooterView full post »

Gratitude List #7

I’m spending the day at a hotel in Kottayam! The sky is gorgeous blue with big white fluffy clouds, I had appams and stew for breakfast, aView full post »

Purnima + Sam (Mehendi and Haldi) : Patiala Candid Wedding Photography

Purnima and I went to the same college, although she was a year ahead of me and I don’t think we’d ever interacted in college!View full post »

Travel Journal: USA (Part 4) – The Good Family

One of my favourite part of our trip to the US was meeting (almost) all of Rob’s extended family. We were humbled and honoured by theView full post »

Travel Journal: USA (Part 3) – Charleston

So, in an attempt to try and finish this Travel Journal series on the US, here’s Charleston for you. Full of history, colourful oldView full post »

Travel Journal: USA (Part 2) – Cypress Gardens

Yesterday morning, we made our way to the beautiful Cypress Gardens. Formally a rice plantation, it is now a beautiful wetland garden whereView full post »

Travel Journal: USA (Part 1)

I’ve always wanted to visit the US. Thanks to my exposure to Hollywood and American Television and well, a lot of cool stuff thatView full post »