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Travel Journal: USA (Part 3) – Charleston

So, in an attempt to try and finish this Travel Journal series on the US, here’s Charleston for you. Full of history, colourful oldView full post »

Evening Walk on Carter Road.

…many many weeks ago, but I only got around to playing with them now… you know, as I procrastinate on other stuff.View full post »

Travel Journal: Great Ocean Road-Trippin’

Being here is so surreal. It’s been a couple of days now but I still can’t believe it. My friends Niru, Russ and I road-trippedView full post »

The lonely auto.

This evening, Sharan, Anu and I went on a Light-painting mission. After being attacked vehemently by mosquitoes in the gardens of CubbonView full post »

Exploring Bangalore: Avenue Rd. and Khau Galli

On the weekend, a couple of friends and I went to Avenue Rd. and I have to say, I was quite shocked by the congestion! I’ve seenView full post »

"Setting theek nahi hua, kya?"

Funny story. I set myself up at the other side of this road to try and capture this mechanic sort of shop with the traffic going in frontView full post »


An ancient water tank in Malabar Hill. Ban = arrow. Ganga = Ganges river. Legend has it that it came to be when the exiled Ram was came toView full post »

Exploring Bangalore: Commercial St.

17th June, 2012 36 Pictures ‘Inside’ Commercial Street Bangalore I have to admit that I was so not in the ‘mood’View full post »