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Travel Journal: Mussoorie, you beauty.

Mussoorie holds fond memories in my heart from a trip I made up there with my college besties after our final year. So I knew I would loveView full post »

Travel Journal : Holi Weekend in Goa

Hubs is not a beach person. The sand in his feet bothers him while I love every bit of the beach. So it was after a lot of patient waitingView full post »

Patricia: On the Streets of Bandra

Patricia is one of those friends that has come into my life and convinced that yes, this blog of mine really is worth keeping. She found meView full post »

Oh, Baby!

Meet the cutest little 4-month old girl that we know of! I had the pleasure of spending some time with her and her momma yesterdayView full post »

Weekend Away.

So we’re back from a extended weekend trip to Nainital. We stayed at a little old (and I mean really OLD) building with some friendsView full post »

Jenny’s Visit!

I leave for the airport in about half hour to shoot a wedding with my friend George in Bhubaneshwar! Just thought I’d quickly uploadView full post »

Travel Journal: African Honeytreat!

To say life has changed in these last few weeks would be a total understatement. I sometimes can’t believe I’m married.View full post »

Ram + Ruwanie: Sydney Candid Wedding Photography

Can’t believe I was there. What beautiful people. What a beautiful wedding. Thank you Ram and Ruwanie and your awesome family andView full post »

Travel Journal: Weekend in Sydney!

My first weekend in Australia, I had the pleasure of spending in Sydney with three friends from boarding school in Ooty! All three of themView full post »

Traveling Mercies

I am back in Bangalore after a super long and exhausting journey from Sydney. One not exempt of glitches unfortunately. Glitch # 1 CustomsView full post »

Travel Journal: A Little Bit of Melbourne

I am back in Sydney now for the last leg of this epic trip. I will be shooting an awesome wedding tomorrow that I am SO excited about andView full post »


My friend Jo dances with an Odissi group called Kaishiki in Mumbai. I had the wonderful opportunity last month to watch her perform alongView full post »