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10 Ways To Tread a Little Lighter on the Earth

My yoga teacher inspired us yesterday to dedicate our practice to the Earth in honour of Earth Day. To make one simple change in our lifeView full post »

Photobooks : Life in 2013 + 2014

I’ve always enjoyed browsing through our family photo albums at home and I fear that with our current ‘pixel obsessed’View full post »

Travel Journal: Mussoorie, you beauty.

Mussoorie holds fond memories in my heart from a trip I made up there with my college besties after our final year. So I knew I would loveView full post »

Featured: Kyoorius.com Interview

Here’s the truth. I really struggled with this interview. Not because I didn’t know what my answers to the questions were butView full post »

Gratitude List # 16: Of Library Books and Gourmet Cheese.

1. After finally making it to shoot another Creative Mornings event last weekend, I’ve had this burning desire to paint. Thanks toView full post »

Travel Journal : Holi Weekend in Goa

Hubs is not a beach person. The sand in his feet bothers him while I love every bit of the beach. So it was after a lot of patient waitingView full post »

Patricia: On the Streets of Bandra

Patricia is one of those friends that has come into my life and convinced that yes, this blog of mine really is worth keeping. She found meView full post »

The Truth and Beauty of Birth.

This past weekend I spent 14 hours at a Waterbirth & Gentle Birth Education Workshop. One of my many varied and somewhat unusualView full post »

Gratitude List #15

There’s been a lot of eating of Kimchi around here. Mostly, nay all of it by me. In my defense, Rob’s been busy, traveling and workingView full post »

This day.

Hard to believe that this was one year ago! What an awesome day it was. I mean, it’s pretty special when a whole bunch of your mostView full post »

Gratitude List # 14

Anyone else shocked that it’s November? I am. How can it already be closing the end of 2014? Anyway, wedding season is upon us onceView full post »